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FRAME Survey Update – Lucie Walters

  • FRAME survey is available via on-line or hard copy
  • Surveys are identified individually and report provided in time to answer the Commonwealth Govt’s parameters at report time
  • Provide collective report annually
  • Currently in distribution mode for 2016 survey
  • New questions can be requested
  • Ground rules about research – can’t be comparative in benchmarking one school against another
  • Must be collaborative
  • Have had a small number of publications - around 8
  • More evaluation than research focus
  • Have retrospective ethics approval
  • Multidisciplinary perspective of rural placements
  • Requirement of the FRAME survey is that it is for those students who are within 4 weeks either side of them completing their long term placement

 Collaborative research

  • Research projects previously undertaken on Snapshot on clinical supervisors and 10 year achievements of Rural clinical schools telephone survey
  • Aim is to now undertake research on Impact data
  • Suggestion to task the Policy group with coordination of this and coming up with a process and form of trying to engage people, have regular meetings then send out ideas on how this might work
  • Joint projects with students, given the increase in demand for student project
  • Research group should look at ways that FRAME can integrate with other entities that have a research focus to help spread the word about rural research opportunities
  • FRAME potentially in competition with some of the Departments of General Practice so need collaboration to ensure a smoother journey in being able to integrate resources