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Jennie Della - update including a briefing on the National Health Education and Training Simulation program
  • Jenny is the Director of the Professional Entry and Rural Training Section.
  • Section focuses on programs and activities for professional entry students with a particular focus on rural areas.
  • Key responsibilities of this section include the competitive processes, the Rural Regional Training Hubs and the 3 new UDRH sites, the John Flynn placement program, the Greater Northern Australian regional training network and the simulation project.
  • Mapping project to continue on and see through to completion.
  • Rural placement information project – is still a work in progress but great progress has been made and Jenny thanked everyone for contributing their data.
  • Consolidated RHMTP framework information to be put up onto the Departments’ website. It will be an interactive map where interested persons can go in and search for where activities are for medical, dental, nursing and allied health students. There will be major and minor sites for RCSs and UDRHs.
  • To make sure that the information is correct, RCSs will be provided with a password protected link to check the information before it goes live.