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Working with AHREN update – Amanda Barnard
Amanda gave an update on where things were at since the last meeting in Bowral when Janine Ramsay briefed the FRAME meeting. Possibilities were canvassed and there was a proposal from FRAME for potential structures/governances that could see a new organisation. AHREN board decided that that wasn’t the way to go and instead suggested to have a small working group to have a joint activity and meeting in Cairns at the NRHA conference. Concept was good but date did not suit FRAME members.
Discussion followed:
  • Some FRAME members sit in both groups, so obviously a merging and melding
  • Some advantages to having several voices amplifying the rural perspective
  • Reluctance on AHREN’s behalf despite a number of approaches over the years
  • A contractual, functional, people and generational change within the leadership will lead to a natural convergence over time
  • There have been joint media releases
  • Discussion at FRAME meetings has become more multidisciplinary and it is a shame not more UDRH members are attending
  • Suggestion of specifically inviting UDRH/AHREN members to FRAME meetings would be useful
  • One of AHREN’s strengths is having their secretariat office here in Canberra and could work for all
  • Inefficiency of two separate groups doing activities that overlap
 General consensus of meeting for working with AHREN:
  • Efficiently mapping out what might work across both groups
  • Looking at inviting more people to FRAME meetings
  • Structuring the agenda to have some joint discussions particularly on multidisciplinary focus and thinking more clearly on how to maximise the advocacy and working in joint ways on submissions
 RRH Journal Update – Amanda Barnard
  • Website
  • Amanda is the Australasian editor, with two associate editors
  • JCU is the management committee
  • Open access, international, peer-reviewed journal across 6 world regions, each with a dedicated Regional editor
  • Dedicated to advancing rural and remote health education, research, policy and clinical practice, including Indigenous health.
  • Publishes approximately 120 manuscripts annually
  • Lots of work done on getting through the backlog
  • The number of submissions between January and March 2016 increased (100 submissions)
  • New Associate Editor wanted
    • Will work with Amanda and Associate editor Prof Nicky Hudson
    • Editorial assessment and development of delegated Australasian manuscripts, from submission to approval for publication, and overseeing the peer review process
    • Monthly teleconference to review all new submissions - maximum 1 hour
    • Workload of about half a day a month
    • EOI by Friday 4 November