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ACRRM Update – Lucie Walters

  • Lucy advised that she had just recently taken up the position of President
  • ACCRM is one of two colleges in Australia that is accredited to provide vocational training fellowship to the ends of general practice
  • Provides advocacy and support for current and prospective rural doctors
  • Strong philosophy for social learning to be a rural doctor rather than learning to do rural practice
  • Recognise that all rural doctors seem to have a special skill that is relevant to the community in which they are living and working
  • Provide 11 special skills areas that include emergency medicine, obstetrics, anaesthetics and surgery
  • Also include really important non-procedural advance skills training areas like population health, rural practice, remote practice, aboriginal health and academic practice
  • Promotes the concept of Rural Generalist Medicine as an important model of medical practice to support quality health services in rural and remote communities which aligns well with the FRAME requirements to create a medical workforce
  • ACRRM have a research committee that looks at developing strategic research alliances and particular research projects and we will be writing to FRAME to invite a FRAME rep to be on this research committee
  • ACRRM has advance skills training years in remote health, aboriginal health, population health, mental health and academic practice which require registrars to undertake a body of scholarship work which can be a research project, a clinical audit or a community project
  • Invite FRAME to consider if their regions and schools have the capacity to support the registrars who may need support and supervision
  • Registrars might also be able to align their projects with the activities that are on FRAME research work plans that have recently been submitted to the DoH.
  • ACRRM is an excellent industry partner if looking for art linkage grants or if seeking govt funding
  • Through AGPT, there was a system whereby GP registrars could apply to do a research project and have a half time salary working as an academic on that project as well as working half time in general practice. Recently the C’Wealth Govt has allocated funding for academic registrars to both ACRRM and RACGP. ACRRM will be managing the process of allocating those funds to their registrars and they would like the opportunity to engage with different schools who might like to have an ongoing responsibility for developing academic registrar posts that would enable ACRRM to work with Schools and the registrars to get meaningful research and teaching opportunities.
  • ACRRM will write to FRAME Chair and schools individually, to invite engagement in this activity.
  • ACRRM feels very strongly that they have a significant role to play in shaping and developing the process for a National Rural Generalist pathway.
  • Possibility to work closely through the Hubs with RCSs and if the intention of the Hubs is to develop capacity for training in Rural and Regional and Remote hospitals, is there an opportunity for ACRRM to develop an AST accredited position in General Medicine for an ACRRM registrar. No salary funding is available for this position, but if you have an RMO position that is currently a non-accredited position, this is an opportunity to develop stability and an ongoing and meaningful workforce for your region.
  • In summary, there are research and workforce opportunities and ACRRM is very keen to hear from FRAME members about whether there are other opportunities where we can progress the health of rural and remote communities.