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Day 2 – Thursday, 5 May 2016
FRAME Business Meeting

FRAME & AHREN relationship – Judi Walker

Judi distributed a briefing paper and briefed on the FRAME and AHREN relationship after which discussion took place.

Discussion points of interest:

  • Current set up not sustainable, time for change
  • Definite need for something new but doesn’t mean we lose what we have
  • Both organisations have real strengths so we need to build on what we both do well
  • Appears that FRAME is more keen for collaboration than AHREN – possibly due to medical health v’s allied health or put simply ‘Medicine shouldn’t be running everything’
  • Need to reinforce the need for interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Joint scheduling of ARHEN and FRAME meetings but both organisations to keep their separate business meetings
  • Workforce and Research is the common ground
  • Workforce has not always strictly been on the AHREN agenda
  • Suggestion of a Workforce Think Tank
  • How do we recognise the inherent expectations of the groups and move forward into the future

Amanda then summarised the outcomes from the Discussions

  • Need to start to do something with AHREN now, in terms of the thrust of Rural Medical Education
  • Judi to draft a response which will be sent to all directors which includes:
    • Need to be looking towards one organisation, but perhaps in the interim, have an umbrella structure which might include some separate business meetings - need to look at possible options?
    • We need to be explicit in our discussions and include the ‘elephant on the table’
    • Explore options and conditions for potential organisational structure and the first is mapping out the areas of interest
    • Over the next 3 years, as everyone is moving at varying some speeds, joint activities would be useful and like their idea on a ‘think tank on health workforce issues’ and suggest scheduling one at the same time as the FRAME meeting in October
    • FRAME had already planned to request a day of specifically medical education at the WONCA conference in Cairns in 2017
    • FRAME looks forward to other research collaborations and possibly the National Rural Health research meeting in September
    • FRAME and ARHEN continue in the business sense as per current arrangements, but  we look at pursuing the ‘big picture’ things with them
    • Mapping process – helped by having an independent/impartial facilitator