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NRHSN and AMSA update

NRHSN Chair – Ms Rebecca Irwin


  • Thanked FRAME Chair for invitation to attend the FRAME meeting

  • Advised the NRHSN was a multidisciplinary team from Universities across Australia representing the members nationally.

  • There are 28 Rural Health clubs at Universities throughout Australia and they provide Social Events; Clinical Skills; Mental Health, first aid and cultural training; Rural experiences, Career information; Indigenous community engagement and Networking opportunities.

  • Rural Health Clubs link with local stakeholders such as Rural Workforce Agencies, Universities, Primary Health Networks and training providers etc. to ensure that the members are engaged with the rural health workforce sector.

  • 2016 priorities include:
    • Positive, clear and supported rural training pathways
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
    • Mental Health training and awareness for all university health students
    • Innovative future healthcare models that empower communities
  • 2016 key activities include:
    • 21st Birthday Celebration on 17th March at Parliament House, Canberra
    • Future of Rural Health care
    • International future of rural workforce initiatives research
    • Rural Placement experience research project
    • Advocacy – Mental Health; Indigenous Health; Emerging Health Professions
    • Sector Development

AMSA Rural Health student representative – Ms Emily McLeod


  • AMSA Committee established on 13th April 2015

  • 6 member student committee formed, now expanded to an 11 member committee with 2 subcomittees: Rural Health Colloquium (RHC) event subcommittee and Publications sub committee

  • AMSA’s key priorities are:
    • Promotion
    • Representation
    • National events
    • Connections
    • Advocacy
  • Common requests include:
    • Increased presence within social media channels
    • Greater rural focus at AMSA national events
    • Greater publicity of rural events and opportunities
    • Connections with RHCs
  • Future plans included:
    • Develop an AMSA Rural Health page and a social media prescence
    • Promote existing opportunities in Rural Health (e.g. conferences, placements, scholarships careers)
    • Addressing myths and misconceptions around rural health
    • Connecting with Rural health clubs and Stakeholder engagement
  • National Events
    • Global Health Conference
    • National Leadership Development Seminar
    • Rural Health Colloquium from 10-11th September in Melbourne
  • AMSA Contact details:
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or website