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FRAME Leadership Program update – Judi Walker
  • Thank you to everyone who participated in the Harvey Bay leadership course, especially Riitta, Jennene, and Georgia who were the co-facilitators.
  • Feedback was very positive
  • Suggestions for improvement – challenge to obtain a better gender balance
  • Attendance capped at around 20
  • Cost is approximately $700
  • Check FRAME website for information on future programs. Proposal for another program to be arranged for July next year possibly in Darwin


  • General Discussion was had on when the next Canberra meeting should be held. It was decided that an email will be sent around asking for other dates.
    • Note: It has now been decided to hold the FRAME Canberra meeting on 5-7th October 2016.
  • Amanda asked for volunteers for the FRAME 2018 meeting – Uni of Newcastle (Tamworth) volunteered.
  • Amanda reminded the meeting that at the October FRAME meeting, the members will be electing a new Chair and new Policy Group for the next two years. Need to think about whether we want to go to a structure of having a Chair and Chair Elect.
  • Next Frame meeting to be held at JCU in May 2017. It is proposed for FRAME to hold a full day of presentations and a half day business meeting, to coincide with the WONCA scientific program.

Amanda advised the meeting that Justine Brindle and Graham Allardice were attending their last’s FRAME meeting as they were ‘retiring’. Amanda, on behalf of Frame, thanked them for their input over the years and wished them well in their future endeavours.


David Garne, on behalf of Wollongong Uni, thanked Amanda for her leadership and the Policy Group for their input into making FRAME Bowral a very successful and enjoyable meeting.

He also thanked, Jade Thomas, Kerry Pert, Tracey Dugald and Belinda Smith for all their hard work in making the FRAME meeting successful and presented them all with lovely flower bouquets.

The meeting then closed.