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Research and FRAME Outcomes and the Exit Survey update – Jennene Greenhill

Research Update

  • Not a lot on the research agenda at this time
  • Asked to put forward a proposal as to whether FRAME would be willing to support either in kind or financially, the second part of a project which was done in 1996/97 when the first national GP survey was published by. Another round of interviews and data collection on GP workforce has been proposed and will be called National GPS2.   Last survey was of 1400 hundred GP’s, this time it would include a comprehensive study of the entire rural GP workforce hopefully completed by 2019. Whole focus will be on critical issues for the future of GP workforce.

FRAME members like the idea but need to have more information. Amanda suggested that Jenenne distribute more information to FRAME members and that she also contact Ayman Shenouda, RACGP Chair.

 Frame 2016 Survey update

  • Acknowledgement and thank you to Sharon Liu whose diligence has made the FRAME survey possible
  • Several questions were deleted to reduce length
  • More interest than ever before in adding new questions and altering questions
    • changed definition of rural origin to match new parameters
    • factors important in choosing location of practice and speciality discipline of preference
  • Improved timelines so surveys now printed and ready to do for students leaving RCSs midyear
  • Several new publications for 2015-2016
  • Current projects are:
    • Clinical Epistemology
    • Patient-practitioner orientation scale
    • Longitudinal integrated Clerkships
  • New projects underway:
    • 2016 survey includes new research questions on
      • Self efficacy in remote practice added by Craig McLachlan from UNSW
      • Factors important in choosing location of practice and speciality discipline submitted by Riitta Partanen from UQ
  • Next Steps
    • Look out for an email from Sharon Liu calling for numbers of surveys required in 2016 and dates they are required.
    • Please be aware that the new survey questions will be to be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 4th Feb 2017 to ensure inclusion in next year’s survey
    • Ethics expires 31/10/2017

RRH Update – Amanda Barnard (Australasian co-editor)

  • Turnaround is now quicker but still far from ideal
  • Journal now has a South American section – lots of international articles now received
  • Articles received now are 4-5 times more than received 6 years ago
  • Hold ups and delays are being reviewed