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Issues from Day 1


  • ARHEN has been very affective in lobbying and has completed a survey of all the accommodation needs of the UDRHs. This was a comprehensive canvassing of available accommodation and estimation of accommodation needs required to meet the new target of the UDRHs. This is currently sitting in Minister Nash’s office for consideration.
  • Suggestion that FRAME requests accommodation information from ARHEN as there may be capacity within Medical School RCS’s that could be utilised
  • Suggestion that Judi is to add into her letter to ARHEN that one of the issues that came up during the FRAME meeting was the huge issue of accommodation and that perhaps this is one of the issues that could be worked on together in an integrated way.  
  • Suggested at the Directors meeting this morning – the possibility of having a FRAME day, where we showcase what we do in rural medicine in Australia, on the first or second day of the 2017 WONCA Rural Health conference in Cairns next year. (The National Rural Health conference is running from the 26-29th April 2017 in Cairns with WONCA Rural Health following on from the 30th October to 3rd May)
  • Judi to draft a response to AHREN which will be send around to all Directors