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Bowral May 2016 Minutes

4 + 6 May 2016

Represented at the meeting:

University of Adelaide

Australian National University

Deakin University

Flinders University

Flinders NT

James Cook University

Monash University

University of Melbourne

University of Newcastle

University of New South Wales

University of Notre Dame

University of Queensland

University of Sydney

University of Tasmania

University of Western Australia

University of Western Sydney

University of Wollongong

Commonwealth Department of Health

National Rural Health Student Network Australian Medical Students' Network
ARHEN National Director, Ms Janine Ramsay MDANZ CEO, Ms Carmel Tebutt
 Day 1 – Wednesday, 4 May 2016
Welcome to Country
Aunty Val Mulcahy, on behalf of the Dharawal people, welcomed the participants.
Welcome to FRAME Meeting
Associate Professor David Garne welcomed participants to the FRAME Meeting at Peppers Manor House, Sutton Forest.
Welcome on behalf of University of Wollongong
Professor Alison Jones, Executive Dean, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Wollongong, introduced herself and welcomed all participants.
Welcome to FRAME
As the current Chair of FRAME, Professor Amanda Barnard also welcomed everyone and introduced herself to those who were new to the FRAME meeting and outlined the Day 1 agenda.
Update from RCS/RMS
Representatives from all rural clinical schools gave a three minute presentation on the ‘Implementation of the RHMT.
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