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Outcomes from Survey of Student Accommodation, fees and charges policy – Judi Walker
  • At the of end of 2014 Monash sent out a survey to each RCS to identify a picture and pattern of student accommodation charges and policies
  • 19 responses were received from the 17 Rural Clinical Schools
  • Judi advised that the feedback paper was now available and would be emailed out to all
National Rural Health Alliance – Judi Walker
  • Judi advised that she represents FRAME on the NRHA council. There are now 37 member bodies on this council and it is a very important peak body.
  • NRHA will advocate on causes that are brought to the table and one of the 5 priorities that the NRHA came up with last year included the deregulation of university fees. This was tabled by FRAME as there was concern regarding the possible impact and adverse effect the deregulation would have on students in health professions as well as all rural and regional students in terms of access to higher education. The Alliance develops policies around its priorities and other priorities for this year are:
  • Primary Health Networks
  • Broadband for the Bush
  • National Health plan for ATSI people
  • Dental health
    • The Alliance puts out media releases on a regular basis and anything considered pertinent to what RCS do, will be distributed via the FRAME mail list.
    • Collaborative projects - proposal to access to medicines in northern remote areas which could be very helpful, useful and informative to RCS.
    • NRHA Conference is held every other year and the 13th National conference will take place in Darwin in a couple of weeks’ time, followed by the 14th conference in Cairns in 2017.
    • There is a cost to be part of the NRHA which presents a problem for FRAME as it is not an incorporated body but it has been agreed with all the Directors of the Rural Clinical School network to be shared around the RCS. Both Monash and ANU have borne the costs to date.
    • Judi will be stepping down as the FRAME representative on the NRHA in September so FRAME will be looking for another person to be their representative.
ARHEN Report – Nicky Hudson
Nicky Hudson is the FRAME rep on AHREN and she is also the Deputy Chair of the ARHEN Board.
  • For the benefit of those new to FRAME meetings, Nicky explained that ARHEN is the Australian Rural Health Educators Network which is an incorporated company and it is the peak body for the 11 University Departments of Rural Health (UDRH) which are located in every state and the NT.   Meetings are held twice a year with the next meeting in Canberra in September.
  • Secretariat is funded by contributions and current secretariat is a very capable group with a National Director who is very well connected in Canberra.   ARHEN received funding from the previous government which will run out next year and which has helped fund and maintain the Secretariat.
  • AHREN provides updates and summaries on things such as the budget and has networks of special interest groups which include the Simulation Network, Executive Officers network, Interprofessional Learning network, Indigenous network, Mental Health network, Academics network and Rural Pharmacy Network who have published together. It would be good if FRAME members could belong to these networks.
  • Suggested that perhaps FRAME could consider holding a joint meeting with AHREN in the future.
Other Business
No other business was raised.
The chair then thanked Prof Julian Wright and his team for hosting a very interesting and enjoyable two days, and looked forward to seeing everyone in Canberra for the next FRAME meeting.
Meeting closed.