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Next Meeting – Canberra
Discussion was held on when the next Canberra meeting should be held. It was agreed that either the 29 & 30 October or 5 & 6 November would suit the majority of members present and that an administration meeting would be arranged to be held on the Wednesday before the FRAME meeting.
ACTION: Amanda will confirm dates and advise everyone.
NOTE: Dates have now been confirmed as the 5th & 6th November with the Administrators meeting to be held on the 4th November 2015.
Venue for 2017
As WONCA would be running their Rural Health conference combined with the National Rural Health conference from 30 April to 2 May 2017 in Cairns, it was suggested that the 2017 FRAME meeting be scheduled prior to this in order to make it easier for people to attend all conferences during a one week absence.
It was confirmed that the 2017 meeting would be hosted by JCU in Cairns on Thursday 27th & Friday 28th April 2017.
Rural and Remote Medicine e-Journal – Amanda Barnard
  • The Australasian region gets 3 times the number of submissions than any other section
  • Growing in its International impact factors
  • Amanda is the Australasian editor, with Nicky Hudson (University of Newcastle) one of the Associate Editor, along with Shaouli Shahid from Uni of WA.
  • An increased number of submissions were being received. These days collective data, novel submissions or those that contained new information were much more likely to be published.
  • Reviewers are always needed to assist with both national and international submissions. Submissions were sent generally sent to 1 international and 2 national reviewers but on occasions due to review time frames they were only sent to 2 reviewers.    
  • Good idea if reviewers please advised their reviewing requirements, such as whether they would be prepared to undertake the review of one or more papers per year.
  • Andrew Dean volunteered to be a reviewer.
ACTION: Amanda to forward on Andrew’s name to Helena and Jenny
Budget Information – Judi Walker
Judi Walker wanted to draw attention to the group that Memos and other information from Medical Deans are important for RCS and she advises that those who don’t receive them should pester Deans to have these memos passed on.
  • Highlights important info for RCS – e.g. That the Rural Multidisciplinary Training funding will continue but at a slightly reduced rate.
  • Clinical training fund money will continue
  • Medical Royal Benefits scholarship scheme will not happen any more but there will be a transfer of those hundred MRBS places to the Bulk Medical Places program.
Leadership Program – Judi Walker
  • Judi advised the meeting that the Developing and Growing Leaders in Rural Healthcare Education leadership program has been run 3 times with the last being a 4 day program run in Broome. FRAME has been identified as being very important for succession planning – growing the next generation of rural education leaders.
  • This year’s program had to be postponed due to only having received 7 registrations. 12 registrations are needed to make it financially sustainable but also educationally viable.
  • Suggested to run in August or piggy back on the Canberra FRAME meeting.
  • Discussion was had on the viability of this program and the consensus was that perhaps the program could be reviewed/modified as follows :-
  • Modularising the program
  • Shortening of the program
  • Need more lead time
  • Only offering it when a FRAME meeting is being held in a capital city as it is too difficult for interested participants to travel to rural towns
  • Program has been targeted for Rural Health Care Education and Succession Planning
  • Involves both Academic and Professional staff