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Vertical Integration – FRAME”S need to get involved - Richard Murray
  • Sense that we have failed to take full advantage of the opportunities to link pathways to Rural General practice in partnership with Rural Clinical Schools.
  • More competitive nature with era of GPET contracted rather commercially orientated arrangement of delivery of general practice is now coming to an end.
  • Question is now what is the character of the next piece?
    • There is an opportunity now to do something that is more devolved, more community based, more collaborative, more joined up across the medical student/junior doctor/registrar and fellowship and CPD divide
    • Leverages the opportunity of the thousands of medical students and junior doctors now undertaking their training in rural and remote Australia
    • If we are going to be part of this and have a more joined up community responsive work force orientated system, then now is the time to do it, not later when contracts have been awarded.
  • Opportunities especially for succession planning in the rural academic space, for more linkage into scholarships, Research Higher Degrees, postgraduate coursework.   For that new generation who are interested in having a scholarly, research teaching aspect to their careers.
Collaboration and new RTP Boundaries – Amanda Barnard
Amanda advised that she would be meeting with Minister Ley next week. Minister Ley and Fiona Nash have indicated an emphasis on Rural GP training.   Amanda is happy to push that FRAME is really happy to offer advice and work with them on how you build in the KPIS’s. It would be useful if she could mention any active collaborations.
Research/Outcomes Study/Exit Survey/MSOD – Jennene Greenhill
Outcomes Study
  • Thanked the small group working party which keeps in touch via email and meets a couple of times per year.
  • Frame Survey has been going for 7 years
  • Substantial number of publications have been produced from the data to date
  • Questions will remain unchanged this year due to the uncertainty around the parameters but if parameters change then discussion should be had on possible changes to the questions.
  • Working group might now need to discuss
* Does the Questionnaire need to be revamped?
* What is the life of the current survey?
  • Flag a larger group with reps from all schools, devoting a couple of hours on what FRAME survey 2 will/should look like. Rethink how it might better suit FRAME going forward
  • Paper was not given to the Minister due to the feeling that it was not robust or rigorous enough and the omission of data from some schools
  • DoH want FRAME as a group to have shared variables which have all been agreed upon and collected prospectively.  
  • It was suggested that the Outcomes Data group be reconvened with a ‘coordinator/champion’ to run the group - Nominees were Ruth Stewart, David Atkinson, David Campbell, Joe McGirr, and Deb Wilson volunteered one of her researchers, and Jennene Greenhill.
* Tasks of the group – is to pull out the variables, simplify them and then advise how they are going to be collected across all the schools and then be integrated into the survey or collected by some other means.
* Suggestion of a Non-rural clinical school as a comparison group – really good to have   comparison data
* Data would need to be cleaned up within the schools and then forwarded on to the working group.
  • MSOD data is changing completely. MSOD has 2 years of funding but will now only collect the exit surveys. MABEL might be an option and the working party will discuss this.
  • Data collection for the FRAME Survey will be in August and the on-line and paper versions will be distributed and Schools can choose which one they use.
  • Please make sure the Ethics approvals are up to date.
  • FRAME outcome paper accepted
  • Submitted to AJRH with AMSA
  • One in draft on IPE
  • Volunteers were needed for clinical epistemology paper – Nikki Hudson, Andrew Dean, Daryl Pedlar, David Garne, David Mills, Joe McGirr, David Campbell, and Ruth Stewart all volunteered.
FRAME Deputy Chair position
Amanda advised the meeting that since she was going to be absent from the RCS from early September to the end of October, she was seeking the wider groups’s consensus for the Policy Group to nominate a Deputy Chair when the Chair was not available. General consensus was given from those present at the meeting.