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RCS Showcase - RCS staff were invited to give a 15 minute (10 minute brief + 5 minute Q/A) on Innovations and Research in Rural Medical Education.
Session 1 included
  • Bruno Franchi – Clinical Reasoning
  • Danielle Kidd and Deb Wilson – Medical Students as per educators in rural schools
  • David Atkinson – A dispersed model of innovative remote and rural medical education in Australia’s most urbanised state
  • Monash School of Rural Health RCTS Directors – A watershed: Affirmation by the Faculty of Medicine of the contribution of Monash School of Rural Health to medical education
  • Amanda Barnard – ANU’s Indigenous Health stream
  • Mia Peardon – A novel program of Rural medical educator accreditation
  • Scott Kitchener – Agricultural health and medicine teaching and research program
Session 2 included presentations from:
  • Ritta Partanen – Simulated inter-professional learning (SILVERQ)
  • Rebecca Caygill – A community mentoring program for rural students
  • Andrew Dean – Development of simulated learning teaching across three campuses
  • Judi Walker – Partnerships and community engagement: The Hazelwood Mine Fire Health Study
All innovation briefings were extremely interesting and further information on these presentations can be found in Menu - Shepparton Documents.