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Shepparton 2015 Meeting Papers

End of the Triennium: Successes and Challenges Presentations
Innovations and Research in Rural Medical Education
  1. University of Adelaide - Bruno Franchi - Specialist Clinical Reasoning Program (SCRaP) 2014/15
  2. University of Tasmania - D Kidd, D Wilson - Medical Students as Peer Educators in Rural Schools
  3. University of Western Australia & University of Notre Dame - David Atkinson - How Well Are We Addressing Remote & Rural Workforce Shortages
  4. Monash University - SRH RCTS Directors - A Watershed: Affirmation by the Faculty of Medicine of the Contribution of the SRH to Medical Education
  5. Australian National University - Amanda Barnard - Indigenous Health Stream
  6. University of Melbourne - Mia Peardon, Rebecca Caygill, Julian Wright, Catherine Waite - A Novel Program of Teacher Accreditation for Rural Medical Educators
  7. Griffith Health - Scott Kitchener - Teaching Agricultural Medicine in Rural Medical Education Programs
  8. University of Queensland - Ritta Partanen - SILVER-Q
  9. University of Melbourne - Rebecca Caygill, Mia Peardon - A Community Mentoring Program for Rural Students
  10. University of Notre Dame - Andrew Dean - Medical Simulation in Rural Clinical Schools
  11. Monash University & University of Tasmania & University of Adelaide - Judi Walker - Partnerships & Community Engagement: Hazelwood Mine Fire Health Study