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eJournal (Amanda Barnard)
  • Associate Editors – Nicky Hudson & Charlize Shaheed were recruited last year.
  • The eJournal encourages early career researchers.
  • Submissions to the eJournal have increased and there is a considerable backlog of articles to be reviewed.
  • The eJournal management committee is working hard to manage the increased interest and looking at how to fund the eJournal’s expansion. There is a core group of editors who are very committed to the eJournal.
  • Creation of an International / South American section adds more to the workload.
  • There is one international, two local reviewers for each article. Prof Barnard encouraged more FRAME members to nominate to be a Reviewer.
  • If looking for publication in an international journal - what are the implications / if reporting on local work, what are the lessons learned, refer to international literature.
IHPA Teaching, Training and Research Working Group (TTRWG) (Judi Walker)
  • Minutes circulated with the Agenda for information.
  • Prof Judi Walker represents FRAME on the working group and FRAME has been part of the consultation process.
  • Bruce Chater is on the Board of IHPA and Sandy Thompson from ARHEN is also on the working group. It is important for rural and regional public hospitals to have a voice.
  • The Working Group is very large, and the IHPA is targeted in the Commission of Audit.
  • It has taken 18 months – 2 years to get to agreed definitions of Teaching, Training & Research.
  • There is useful Information, including the workplan available on the IHPA website.