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FRAME – MSOD Study (Lucie Walters)
  • 2013 had the most number of schools participating. Medical students completed the survey on exit from RCS, with a 93% return rate.
  • The FRAME survey is working well and the working party has reviewed questions and undertaken statistical analysis to exclude redundant questions and avoid repetition.
  • The next challenge for the working group is to turn the survey into meaningful research.
  • The greatest vulnerability is that there is no control group, no comparison group. It was suggested that city based students could be asked the same questions around clinical skills and cultural competence.
  • There will be very little change in the survey this year (2 additional questions) which should streamline ethics modifications.
  • An updated NEAF application form with tracked changes & comment (date modifications were approved) can be provided to assist with new ethics applications.
  • The University of Melbourne is using RCS evaluation tools to develop medical education unit evaluation for the whole MD program.
  • The consent form 2013 allows return of identified data on cohorts graduation. Can then track at the school level. Approval has also been received to use data from 2011 and 2012 in that way, even though the consent form was not explicit, it was deemed inferred.
  • 2010 data has not been found.
Research Working Group – FRAME SNAPSHOT Survey (Kumara Mendis) (See Appendix 6 in Documents)
  • The SnapShot survey was created prior to the Broome meeting in 2013, as a result of the realisation that there was a lot of literature about the outputs from RCSs, but no details about the staff.
  • The 3 minute survey asks 10 questions and provides an opportunity to give feedback.
  • The survey will remain open for a little longer to encourage more staff to complete it.
  • Results will be published
Action: Chair to email a reminder via FRAMAIL to all staff to complete the survey.
             Dr Kumara Mendis to send a summary of the survey results to each RCS / RMS to discuss with their School Executive and other places.