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DAY 2: Friday, 9 May 2014
Feedback from Operational Managers’ Workshop (Amanda Croft)
The meeting provided an opportunity for RCS Managers to discuss issues and share ideas, develop support networks and problem solving.
Issues discussed included:-
  • The 12 month contract variation and how RCSs are struggling to do more with rising costs.
  • The possibility of a consolidated outcomes report from nation-wide RCSs to provide a perspective on the next funding period and parameters / KPIs. (For discussion with DoH).
  • Need funding quarantined (5% rule).
  • Capital infrastructure funding – needs to remain on the agenda for ongoing maintenance costs.
  • to the issue of programs funded by HWA if recurrent funding ceases.
  • Student tracking, graduate outcomes – it is important to report on successes and outcomes so that the DoH continues to invest in RCS.
  • Accommodation – everyone does things differently – some free of charge, some charge rent $100 - $150 / week, some don’t provide accommodation.. Some universities are outsourcing facilities management.
The group decided it is useful to have one meeting per year, prior to the FRAME meeting at a rural clinical site. Next time the administrators will meet for 3 hours and invite the Directors / Academics to join for a 1 hour summary at the end.
The administrators also requested that FRAME meetings be held in the last 2 weeks of the month, not the first.
Process for Elections (Judi Walker)
  • Each University has an academic Head of School or Director RCS program. These leaders are eligible to be Chair of FRAME.
  • Nominations for the Chair must be made prior to the Canberra meeting, with elections to be held in Canberra.
  • It was suggested that the outgoing Chair stay on for one year to assist the new Chair and handover corporate knowledge.
  • Policy Group. The Chair / Returning Officer has a role to review nominations to ensure balance in the Policy group.
  • Prof Walker encouraged FRAME members to discuss FRAME meeting outcomes at their School’s Executive meetings.
Action: Chair to write to Universities, advising Heads of Schools of the process for elections and put the process in place for 2015.