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Canberra Meeting, 18-19 Sept
  • The 2 day meeting will be held at ANU as DoH was unable to provide a venue.
  • Representatives from the DoH will attend.
  • Information and registration forms will go out closer to date.
  • It was suggested that FRAME host a breakfast for Ministers and senior Advisors.
 Flinders / NOSM Muster (Jennene Greenhill)
  • The NOSM / Flinders Muster will be held in Uluru from 27th – 31st October.
  • The call for Abstracts has now closed.
  • Key note speakers include Dr Agnes Soucat from South Africa, Ms Donna Ah Chee from the Cnetral Australian Aboriginal Congress, Dr Fortunato Cristobel from the Phillipines and Dr Patricia miller from the Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service, Dr Rachel Ellaway from NOSM and Prof Stephen Billet from UQ.
  • The event is very collegial and will allow participants to be immersed in Uluru with an excellent social program.
  • An icon in the program will flag relevant rural presentations but there will not a specific afternoon set aside for rural.
  • Profs Judi Walker, Geoff Riley and Amanda Barnard and Assoc Prof Ruth Stewart volunteered to Chair sessions.
Venue for May 2015
University of Melbourne, Shepparton, Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th of May.
  • Time and room could be made available for a Leadership course or research intensive on Monday and Tuesday.
  • The Operations Managers will meet on Tuesday afternoon.
  • The meeting will be held at the Clinical School.
  • Shepparton is a 2 hour drive from Melbourne airport and has nice restaurants, walks, an art gallery and the Labyrinth.
Suggestions for May 2016
  • University of Wollongong
  • University of Qld, Fraser Coast Rural Clinical School, Hervey Bay
  • It was suggested that both universities prepare a presentation for the Canberra meeting where FRAME members will make a decision.