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Leadership Program (Jennene Greenhill & Judi Walker)
  • The 4 day intensive program run in Broome last year was very successful.
  • The Snapshot survey indicates that Leadership training is worthwhile and Medical Deans feel it is an area that can be developed to generate income for FRAME.
  • It is an enormous amount of work to organise and run the Leadership Program. This may be easier with the assistance of a secretariat.
  • It was suggested that a mentoring program be developed from the Leadership program.
Action: Prof Jennene Greenhill, Prof Judi Walker & Ms Georgia Von Guttner to draft a discussion paper, outlining opportunities for the Leadership Program. The paper is to include financial modelling.
National Rural Health Alliance (Judi Walker)
  • The Chair is representing FRAME on the NRHA Council until the end of 2014.
  • A new representative will be required for 2015.
  • There are a large number of issues that aren’t strategic business for FRAME, but it is important to have membership. Education is only one aspect of business of NRHA.
  • There are 35 organisations belonging to the NRHA so it is often hard to get consensus from such a diverse group.
  • For key issues such as medical student numbers, FRAME has been able to make a positive contribution to discussion papers.
  • Prof Walker circulates relevant information via the Ausframe mailing list.
 Medicare Locals/Co-payment issues
  • The Commission of Audit has made recommendations regarding Medicare Locals.
  • FRAME members have varying degrees of relationships with Medicare Locals that enhance training.
  • The Australian Association of Academic Primary Care has released an evidence based statement about the impact of a $15 co-payment.
    The group discussed if there was a role for FRAME to respond to the issue of co-payments, as it will impact on the patient mix that students are exposed to.