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2.  Issues Raised on Day 1
Working Party to develop FRAME universal graduate outcomes study
  • It was agreed that it would be useful for FRAME to extract from existing data to produce a consolidated document / start designing the methodology to be used in a universal FRAME study.
  • The study will be incorporated into the work of the Research Working Group.
  • Key questions for the study - which is more important a 4 week rural experience, or a year or two clinical years for intention and success? Does the experience change / influence opinions if it doesn’t produce outcomes? What is the impact of rurality +/- rural clinical school experience?
  • It is important to consolidate what RCSs have into something useful for policy to help inform Department.
Opportunities for Policy Group to provide advice to Department about parameters and funding.
  • The Department will be consulting with Deans, it is important to ensure RCSs through Heads / Directors are giving Deans appropriate advice.
  • The Policy Group will meet with the Department.
  • Funding parameters need to be framed in the right language so they don’t hit constitutional barriers.
  • The Commonwealth needs to invest in the rural training pipeline because it is in the interest of the student.
  • In terms of consolidation and efficiency – rural student clubs are at a distance and RCSs miss the student voice being integrated into the rural program budget. It was suggested that responsibility and funding for student clubs to be returned to RCSs.
  • It is important not to let the Federation debate become another State vs Commonwealth fight and an opportunity for the Commonwealth to redirect resources.
  • Government review of funded programs - Universities should be involved in PHNs, Regional Training Providers, Vocational Training. Huge sense to consolidate all workforce education and research program and universities are well placed.
  • It was suggested that FRAME have more formal links with NMTAN.
  • NMTAN is producing reports around workforce and planning that are going to impact FRAME.
  • FRAME was involved in initial discussions but don’t have a seat on the network. Some individuals for example, Richard Murray have a seat.
  • Current membership is not known, however RDA and NRHA are represented.
Action:   Add discussion of FRAME’s involvement with NMTAN to the Agenda for first Policy Group Meeting 2015. (Secretariat)
             Invite a representative from NMTAN to the FRAME meeting in May 2015. (Chair)
25% rural origin
  • Students are using 33% as benchmark.
  • Some RCSs have noticed a drop in the numbers of rural students applying. There is concern that if the quota increases, quality will decrease with too low entry scores.
  • The Department acknowledged that nationally RCSs collectively are doing better than 30%.
  • There are ties to the consolidated outcomes data. It was suggested if outcomes and intake figures are good nationally, leave the quota as is.
  • Changes to RA classification might impact rural intake.