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4.  Rural Placement Information Project - Workshop with DoH Health Workforce Division
Background (See Appendix 2.)
  • Small project team is working on the website-based placement system in context of big picture policy work.
  • It is a low cost project designed to capture existing information about the opportunities available.
  • It can be difficult for students to navigate existing systems.
  • The idea is to capture information then have website developers design a tool to sit beside other resources on the Department’s website.
  • A lot of work has already been done. Available maps indicate the main training sites and training networks. The Department has a good idea of where training occurs and where overlaps are.
  • The Department is seeking new information on where there are post grad and pre vocational training opportunities.
  • RCSs have the networks and connections to source the information. The Department will seek information from other sources as well.
  • There will be some disclaimers. The website is not an offer of a position and positions might change. There will be links to more information, phone contacts, website links.
  • The website is designed to assist with forward planning, career options, training opportunities. There will not be too much text or drop down options..
Templates (See Appendix 3.)
  • The Department will populate as much information as possible then forward to RCSs to complete.
  • There was some discussion as to whether training facilities could populate and update data to encourage a sense of ownerships and improve accuracy, however the Website might not be advanced enough to allow for this. Ideally there will be limited data entry and the website will be updated on 6 – 12 month basis.
  • Undergraduate Training – information will be standardised to build excel spreadsheet report to website tool.
  • Prevocational training - address details will be mapped to the website.
  • The website will not be launched until the Department has consulted with jurisdictions.  The project is in the early stages to see if it’s workable. Data might be collected and mapped to the website in draft form.
  • Vocational Training – GP and Specialist. - Networks are changing. (Primary Health Networks are replacing Medicare Locals).
  • Main aim is to promote the website through AMSA and NRHSN with the potential to distribute around the secondary school networks.
 Feedback included the following issues:
  • Data become more complex further down the path.
  • Explanatory notes may require a link to the Medical School websites. All universities have different lengths of medical placements, minor and outreach sites, community rotations. The website needs to be reasonably understandable for secondary school students.
  • Input for base hospital intern rotations is complex.
  • Vocational training is complex and information may quickly be out of date if funded / not funded.
  • Rows rather than columns would make data entry easier.
  • More guidance is required on the definition of main sites/ hubs / minor outreach - clarity on size, explanatory notes, thresholds.
  • Consider using check boxes.
  • Focus on prevocational and vocational placements.
  • Undergraduate data - a test case for a workable website. Huge advantage for secondary school students / careers officers.