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8.  Leadership Program
  • Academic and Professional staff are eligible to participate in the Leadership Program.
  • The Program is part of succession planning to replace existing generation of rural health education leaders.
  • Evaluations from the Broome course are currently being reviewed to refine the course.
  • Participants agreed the program was very worthwhile and generated ideas that have been taken back to individual RCSs and implemented. The mix of academic and professional is excellent. The speakers were very relevant and inspiring. Pre-reading was helpful.
  • It was suggested that the course continue to be run over 4 days, immediately prior to the May FRAME meeting.
  • Funds generated by the program are used for future FRAME work.
 Action: Create an advertising flyer and circulate to determine if there are sufficient numbers to go ahead. (Secretariat)

9.  Proposal for annual Scientific Conference

  • Prior to 2014, the RCSWA had hosted an annual scientific meeting in WA. It was not held in 2014 due to cost cutting.
  • It was considered timely for the event to go national and be picked up by RCSs as part of the annual FRAME meetings.
  • University of Melbourne has allocated a day to host a research meeting in Shepparton in 2015. (Date to be considered in relation to the FRAME meeting and Leadership Program and confirmed.)

10.  Flinders / NOSM Muster

  • To be held at Uluru, October 27 – 31.
  • Preconference workshops include “Saddle up” and “The long way round”.
  • The Program includes inspiring speakers doing socially accountable, community engaged, edgy work.
  • For full details of the program and speakers, visit

11.  SRH, University of Sydney / RACP Meeting

  • “Medicine for the rural curious”. Dubbo 24 – 26 October.
  • Details for the Conference are available on the FRAME website.
  • The meeting is an initiative of the local health district and Medicare Local.
  • Metro trainees curious about rural practice are encouraged to attend.
  • Topics will address workforce and future directions, training opportunities in 2015 and job opportunities.
  • Guest Speakers include John Worthington, Andrew French, Robert Pickles and Ian Kerridge.
  • The Conference is not supported by pharmaceutical companies and FRAME members are asked to promote the conference to interested colleagues.