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4.  Outcomes of Elections (Chair and Policy Group / Executive Advisory Group)
Chair – Amanda Barnard.
Policy Group – Julian Wright, Joe McGirr, Jennene Greenhill, Richard Murray, Debbie Wilson and Jennifer Lang.
Judi Walker will also be a member of the Policy Group as immediate past Chair

5.  FRAME – MSOD Study

  • Surveys are currently being distributed to Universities.
  • Students are required to respond to the survey within 8 weeks of completion of the course / time in RCS - Some after 1 year, some after 2 or 3 years.
  • This year’s survey contains a question from AMSA re student support and the financial impact of undertaking rural clinical placements.
  • It was agreed that the survey should not be too long or onerous, and that it should not change much from year to year or it will be difficult to compare. The core questions haven’t changed, but there is opportunity for additional questions as required.
  • RCSs are asked to consider any additional questions and forward to Lucie Walters.

6.  Research Working Group

  • There was a good response to the snap shot survey after Kumara Mendis’ presentation in Port Lincoln.
  • Data available on the website. It indicates RCS are building capacity and producing outcomes for the parameter around academic and professional workforce.
  • The Research Working Group will progress the universal graduate outcomes study.


  • JCU provides management of the journal.
  • Sponsors include UDRHs, ACRRM, RCSs. The Journal Management Committee is looking to broaden contributions.
  • The journal continues to be a victim of its own success. 100 articles are submitted every fortnight and this has impacted on turn-around times in relation to editing and copy and production.
  • The Journal Management Committee is looking at ways to increase efficiency, modernise and update -automate back of house processes, working with editorial board, putting the brakes on articles coming through, extra staff have been employed to clear backlog.
  • Subscription notices will shortly be distributed. Subscriptions are not increasing. The letter will provide an update to subscribers as to the activities of the Journal Management Committee.
  • Australian contribution to the journal is disproportionately high.
  • The delay in turn-around time is in part due to not having enough reviewers. Each article is sent to 2 local and one international referee.
  • FRAME members were encouraged to add their name to the list of reviewers if not already on it.
  • Amanda Barnard will work with the production team to email new reviewers with details, and obtain information as to special areas of interest.
 Action: Present a detailed update on the eJournal (numbers, etc) at the next FRAME meeting. (A.Barnard)