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3.  FRAME / Medical Deans Alliance
  • After the last FRAME meeting, Directors / Heads were asked to consider and endorse the original proposal. The result was not unanimous.
  • Consultation with Medical Deans is still taking place and the issue will go to the full meeting of Medical Deans in October. Each Dean has been sent a copy of the alignment proposal. Most RCS Directors / Heads had discussions with Deans.
  • Richard Murray is now on the Executive of Medical Deans so it now has rural voice.
  • Important issues emerged during the process. RCSs are all very different, with different types of relationships within universities and faculties and varying degrees of autonomy and control over budgets.
  • Judi Walker and Richard Murray will attend the Medical Deans Conference in October and present an amended proposal to the Deans, suggesting a more staged approach.
  • The amended proposal will put the focus on rural health as a strategic objective of Medical Deans. RCSs are the experts in rural health and rural medical education and training and can provide advice to the Deans to assist them to meet their strategic objectives.
  • It will be suggested that the alliance focuses on specific issues or projects – the first being the rural pipeline and post grad medical training agenda.   There may be funding opportunities that FRAME is unable to capitalise on as it cannot hold funds. Medical Deans can hold funds. FRAME can apply for funds through Medical Deans to run projects.
  • The FRAME / Medical Deans alliance will be more achievable if it is a formal respectful partnership, not a demand for money and secretariat.
Action:    Amend the FRAME / Medical Deans alignment paper for presentation at the Medical Deans Conference in October.   (J.Walker / R.Murray)