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Canberra September 2014 Minutes

18 + 19 September 2014

Rural Clinical Schools and Regional Medical Schools from the following Australian universities were represented at the meeting:

University of Western Sydney

Monash University

Australian National University

Flinders University

University of Wollongong

University of Sydney

University of Notre Dame Australia

Deakin University

University of New South Wales

James Cook University

University of Newcastle

University of Tasmania

University of Melbourne

University of Adelaide

University of Queensland

University of Western Australia

  In Attendance
  Griffith University (Observer)
  The Commonwealth Department of Health was represented by:-
  Ms Penny Shakespeare (First Assistant Secretary, Health Workforce Division)
  Mr David Meredyth (Director, Regional Training and Education Reform Section)
  Ms Kate McCauley (Assistant Secretary, Training and Reform, Health Workforce Division)
  Ms Padmaja Jha ( Director, Workforce Grants, Grant Services Division)