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Academic Partnership with ACRRM (David Campbell)
  • Current trend among junior doctors towards sub specialties is of concern.
  • Reiterating importance of generalism – home of generalism is rural practice.
  • Considering strategies that have workforce outcomes around generalism - GP proceduralists, general surgeons, physicians
  • Current President of College of Physicians is a general physician at Wangaratta – working towards more generalist outcomes
  • ACRRM keen to work with FRAME and RCSs on policy development in this area
  • ACRRM major driver behind rural generalist programs in QLD and other states
  • HWA focus on national program for rural generalist training
  • Opportunities politically to be driving the concept of vertical integrations pathways to rural general practice. What policy changes are required? What should be the governance arrangements?
  • RCSs could become fund holders for GP Proceduralist training program and specialist training program
FRAME members are encouraged to attend the ACRRM conference in Cairns, October 30
Rural Medical Generalist Program – HWA (Judi Walker)
  • Richard Murray & Judi Walker on Project Advisory Group
  • Discussion paper to be released soon for comment
FRAME Task Group consisting of Ruth Stewart, Lucie Walters, Geoff Nicholson & Patricia Stuart to prepare response to discussion paper