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RCTS End of Year reports
  • The survey included two questions about publication of End of Year Reports
  • The majority of RCS / RMS were not comfortable with sharing financial reports, but happy to provide a summary responses to Parameters for publication on the FRAME website
Research Group through Jennene Greenhill to develop Report summary template for all RCS / RMS to populate prior to publication via the FRAME website
FRAME – MSOD Study (Lucie Walter)
Refer Attachment 4
FRAME Members to email Lucie Walters with ideas / opinions re appropriate tool for measuring Cultural Competency or inter-professional competencies
2012 FRAME Survey results to be put on the FRAME website
eJournal of Rural and Remote Health (Amanda Barnard)
  • RCS, UDRH & ACRRM contribute financially to the eJournal of Rural and Remote Health
  • New Editorial structure - Regional Editor and two Associate Editors (succession planning)
  • Associate Editors will have an interest in following manuscripts from submission through to publication & ideally will have published themselves
  • New Reviewers are required. Current Reviewers are reminded to advise the editorial team straight away if they are unable to review a manuscript.
Expressions of Interest for Associate Editors to be posted via FRAMAIL
FRAME Research Working Group (Jennene Greenhill)
  • FRAME Research Development Workshop to be held at May 2014 meeting with a focus on parameter 8 (evidence)
  • Members of FRAME to showcase research, grants, publications
  • RCS Round Up – survey of achievements 2012, to be repeated in 2013 - findings on the FRAME website
  • AHPRA database tracking from 2014.
  • Parameter 2 – Statistics re RCS staff - results of online Survey (Kumara Mendis)
    • 41 completed
    • Ages 31-65, average age is 50
    • Background 53% urban, 47% rural
    • Professional 38%, academic 59%
    • Average 6 years service
    • 85% RA2, 3
    • RCS staff believe in what they do – are passionate about training rural doctors for the future
    • Longer survey to be developed; Publish results
    • Encourage all RCS staff to join FRAMAIL – respond to survey
    • Ask staff to identify whether Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander