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Charles Sturt University Rural Health Conference 24 May 2013 - Canberra
  • There was detailed discussion covering the background to the issue which directly affects University of Sydney, University of NSW, University of Western Sydney, Notre Dame Sydney, Monash University and University of Melbourne
  • FRAME members to contact their local politicians as appropriate and ensure good news medical student recruitment and graduate outcomes stories are publicised
  • ARHEN and FRAME to work collaboratively to respond to this and similar issues
♦ Judi Walker, Nicky Hudson & Lesley Barclay to liaise about FRAME – ARHEN response
If required FRAME members agreed to contribute an agreed level of funding toward engaging the services of a skilled campaigner
  • Fourteen RCS and RMS Directors responded to the Aims of FRAME /Future Structure survey which included a revised draft of the aims of FRAME
The final version of the Aims of FRAME document was endorsed and will be mounted on the FRAME website
Moved: Lucie Waters; seconded Daryl Pedler
Refer Attachment 3          
Future Structure of FRAME
  • Four Options were proposed in the Future Structure survey:
-          Option 1 Do Nothing was preferred by 3 universities
-          Option 2 Fully Incorporate – overwhelming agreement that this was not the way to go due to financial constraints and complexity / diversity of RCS / RMS
-          Option 3 Collaborate with another organisation was preferred by 4 universities – other organisations suggested included ARHEN, MDANZ, NRHA, ACCRM, RACGP
-          Option 4 New Model – there were no suggestions for a new model
FRAME Policy group to negotiate with potential partners and develop proposal around Option 3 including costing for a two year trial period