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DAY 2: Friday, 10 May 2013

FRAME Business Meeting continued

Issues Raised from Day 1
  • Extension of funding contracts to June 2015
-          Parameter 7 - Develop structure for better reporting
-          Parameter 8
-          DoHA might be able to pass on some indexation
-          Don’t need to do end of contract report in June 2014
-          Extension will enable recommendations from Review of Health Workforce Programs to be analysed and impacts of changes reflected in new Funding Agreements
-          Future funding will be via one overarching agreement with each university with all health workforce programs under one funding agreement.
  • Parameter 7 - more comprehensive reporting could incorporate:
-          Activities around cultural competencies for students and staff
-          Integration of RCS programs with other indigenous health programs in faculty or university
-          Relationships with Aboriginal Medical Services
-          Collaborations across Rural Clinical Schools
-          RCS connections with local external organisations
-          Meeting Indigenous curriculum framework, supporting MDANZ work
-          Community engagement at the local level – employment of professional and academic staff, engagement in curriculum design, recruitment of local aboriginal people into courses
-          Students’ attitudes towards aboriginal people – the programs ability to change cultural attitudes over time
-          Outcomes directly attributable to RCS funding and what we collaborate on with wider schools and faculties
Potential tools:
-          Tool to use to evaluate own program; matches across core competencies; address gaps;   overarching frameworks
-          Berendht Report
-          LIME guidelines
  • Parameter 8
-          Reporting evidence base
-          Use AHPRA
-          Rural clinical schools and rural medical schools – setting up working groups to track rural medical graduates; datasets are available; share information and how well it’s working
-          Difficult to persuade rural clinical staff to undertake research; many opportunities not capitalised on eg: MABEL - Medicine in Australia Balancing Employment and Life
-          Encourage RCS staff to look at MSOD and MABEL, pick a topic to write about
-          Publish case studies; report outcomes data on FRAME website