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Voices of the Region
Dr Kim Isaacs –UWA graduate 2008 / GP Registrar
  • All training completed in Broome. Committed to the region
  • Worked in Aboriginal Medical Services and in private practice
  • Enjoys being a doctor, can make a difference, people are grateful to have a doctor, aboriginal patients like to see aboriginal doctors
  • Outlined the key health issues facing the Aboriginal community in Broome
  • Broome lacks sub specialists. Some fly in / out. Patients do not like having to travel to Perth
  • In 2006 the Yawuru people won Native Title; the Yawuru continue to be traditional people, hunting, gathering and ceremonies
  • It is important for Aboriginal medical students to go home to see family, attend funerals
  • Financial issues are a big problem for both Indigenous and non Indigenous students

Mr Stephen ‘Baamba’ Albert - senior community leader in Kimberley

  • Worked in education and health for many years
  • Pleased to see the increased number of Aboriginal people undertaking tertiary studies
  • Important to have pathways to tertiary education for disadvantaged white Australians as well as for Aboriginal people
  • Education and Health go hand in hand
  • Important for medical students / doctors to understand different ways of communication
  • Eight different language groups in Broome - it could be helpful for doctors to have lists of the different languages spoken in the region

Dr Stephanie Trust - Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council (KAMSC)

  • Long journey to Medicine – Enrolled Nurse, Aboriginal Health Worker, Doctor
  • Regionalisation of services / program delivery
  • Population Health Programs – ensure clinicians on the ground have support needed to deliver