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New Business
  • Looking to progress the work of the Prevocational Training Policy Advisory Committee (PTPAC) and review of PGPPP (Provider) Guidelines
  • Request for FRAME representation
  • FRAME previously represented by Professor Lesley Skinner and Rosemary Ingham
Prof Amanda Barnard to represent FRAME on the PTPAC
Amanda to nominate an Alternate
Regional Clusters
  • Victorian RCS Collaborative Forum has been formed since the last FRAME meeting – Monash, Melbourne & Deakin universities
    • Useful, informal meeting
    • Collaborative project – measuring graduate outcomes as group of Victorian rural medical schools
    • Difficulties recruiting a Professors of Rural Health Research - considering collaborative approach for visiting professorial fellow
FRAME Research Working Group to consider short term visiting fellow positions rotating through RCS to undertake research projects
  • Top End – Regional consortium - JCU & Flinders NT
    • Greater Northern Australian Regional Training Network – covers top half of Australia, north of the tropic of Capricorn up and whole of NT and funded through HWA
    • Looking at particular issues across jurisdictional borders; transient population
    • Aboriginal health practitioner career pathways mentorship, vocational training, centre of excellence based in NT
    • Consolidate recruitment of junior doctors, not duplicate effort, be cost effective
    • Map accommodation that is available for students from all health professions across Top End
Regional clusters encouraged to post communiques on FRAME website
UDRH – Rural Pharmacy Liaison Officer program
  • Contracts have been extended until June 2014
Announcement of new regional university for Victoria – Gippsland
  • Agreed to by Councils of Monash & University of Ballarat
  • New regional university to be formed from 1st Jan 2014
  • School of Rural Health remains with Monash University and will continue to offer the graduate-entry MBBS program from Churchill campus
2014 FRAME Meetings
May 2014 – Port Lincoln, jointly hosted by University of Adelaide and Flinders University
October 2014 – Uluru, in conjunction with the NOSM/Flinders Muster
  • Structure and content for Port Lincoln conference.
Suggestions included:
  • Focus on rural medical curriculum and Parameter 8 – evidence
  • Research Pre-workshop – anybody at any level welcome to enrol – send brief research CV, consider how to pitch, Pre-reading tasks
  • Structure the meeting like a conference, with a widely varied program that engages everybody, both professional and academic staff
  • Ask student groups to come up with a topic
  • Focus on the benefits of Partnership – panel situation –hospitals, medicare locals, etc
  • Consider half day session for Managers on Friday afternoon – professional development
  • Include new media to promote success stories and things that are working –Digital story telling – short 2 or 3 minutes – put on-line - Samia Goudie ANU to facilitate
Website and Social Media
Make the FRAME website more active and interactive – Twitter, Facebook
All members to ensure they are registered for FRAMAIL