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DAY 1: Thursday, 9 May 2013

Traditional Welcome to Country
Welcome to Broome and the Region
Professor Gavin Frost, Dean, Notre Dame School of Medicine, Fremantle
Welcome and Introduction to the FRAME Meeting
Professor Judi Walker, Chair of FRAME
Brief Update from each RCS
Refer Attachment 1
In summary, challenges relating to Parameter 7 included:
  • Integrating ATSI health across the whole curriculum
  • Indigenous student recruitment - Interviews with indigenous applicants for medicine; difficulties with distance and technology; postgraduate course means double the hurdles
  • ATSI student support and retention – relocation, bursaries & family accommodation; one on one mentoring; culturally safe environment
  • Cultural safety of indigenous staff
  • Establishment & disestablishment of School for Indigenous Health
  • Recruiting academic indigenous health staff
  • RCTS funding allocated to rural activities and difficulty to fund new Indigenous health immersions/clinical placements
  • Enabling local Aboriginal people to educate and assess medical students.
  • Recruitment of Indigenous Academic staff.
 Other challenges facing each RCS and RMS in the last 12 months included:
  • Tracking destinations of RCS graduates
  • Loss of dedicated infrastructure funding
  • New Schools in Faculty – further stretching of resources
  • Dealing with rape of a student
  • Challenge to maintain & enhance partnerships in difficult fiscal times / legal liability concerns with “in-kind” contributions
  • Long term rural workforce strategy – structured postgrad training pathways
  • Adjusting and responding proactively to ongoing university strategic and fiscal demands
  • Threat to reputation of some RCS with bids for new regional medical schools
  • Sustaining a clinical rural workforce for education as well as service
  • Increasing risk adverse concerns in the University impacting on Rural placements
  • Using RCS infrastructure for building rural career pathways
  • Positioning within wider University
  • Increasing rural content into curriculum
  • Recruitment and retention of general practices