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Aims of FRAME – Daryl Pedler

  • At Ballarat, it was agreed the ‘aims’ of FRAME were ‘tired.’ Working group of Ruth Stuart, Darryl Pedler and Geoff Riley revised the Aims which were discussed and further amended (Attachment 7 – Aims of FRAME).

ACTION: Place Aims of FRAME document on the FRAME website for comment

Future Structure of FRAME – Policy Group

  • Options for the future of FRAME were considered in the context of the structure required to achieve the agreed function and purpose of FRAME (Attachment 8 – Future Structure of FRAME).

ACTION: Options paper to be crafted as a survey to be sent to each RCS for response and feedback before the May FRAME 2013 meeting

FRAME website – Kumara Mendis

  • An email from Kumara Mendis was discussed re uploading relevant FRAME publications to website.
  • A big thank you to Helen Peacocke and Kumara Mendis for the effort on website creation and maintenance.

ACTION: Helen Peacocke to liaise with each RCS Manager re uploading of articles of relevance to FRAME

Celebration/Research Working Group – Jennene Greenhill

  • The next step is to publish what has been achieved, others welcome to join working group.
  • Meeting re research activities, perhaps breakfast meeting at Broome to identify themes making a real difference.

ACTION: Jennene Greenhill to progress the Research Working Group and arrange breakfast meeting in Broome

Academic Partnership with ACRRM – Richard Murray

  • Richard provided an update since the conversation in Ballarat re FRAME/ACRRM collaboration.
  • Particular interest is to provide alternative tracks to rural medical generalist careers.
  • To date engagement in this area has been underwhelmed.
  • Important opportunity for ACRRM to work with interested RCSs.
  • A lot of interest, but what is first step? If this is to be under FRAME umbrella, given life by individual Clinical Schools, need to look at resources, selection options.
  • Agreed that ACRRM should host a Workshop to extend conversations and develop a process to formalise academic partnerships with ACCRM, and potentially with other colleges by developing templates for negotiations.

ACTION: ACRRM to liaise with FRAME to invite interested RCS to a workshop in Brisbane in February

John Flynn Placement Program – Denese Playford

  • Recent meeting in Fremantle of the JFPP Advisory Committee, Denese Playford represented FRAME at meeting.
  • A good example of how we can have good representation on committees.

ACTION: Individual RCS to contact Dianne McClusky This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as key contacts for JFPP

ACTION: Arrange session at Broome meeting to provide feedback to ACRRM

Agreements & Reporting – Padmaja Jha

  • Padmaja Jha gave a quick update on housekeeping items.
  • Expend RCTS within financial period.
  • Those RCS that have not provided insurance certificates – please forward to Michelle Hillier.
  • RCS & RUSC programs – still a requirement to aquit agreements.
  • Underspends will be returned to DoHa via a debtor invoice.
  • Staffing changes in Health Workforce Division (3 branches, Headed by Penny Shakespeare): - - Workforce Distribution: Lou Andreatta, 4 sections - Padmaja (RCS UDRH programs); Specialist training programs (Jennie Della); GPET (Louse Modden & Andrew Benson); Retention rural incentive programs (Liz Murray).
  • Michelle manages overall RCS program.
  • Josie Dichiera at Melbourne office, and Karen Evans at Sydney – UDRH programs.
  • JFPP< continuing education programs, run separately, Suzan Charman.
  • Hoping for stability by early next year.
  • FOFMS (new programs). Trying smart forms for reporting online.