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AMSA – FRAME relations

Catherine Pendrey (Vice-President External, Australian Medical Students Association) & Helen Jentz (CEO) ( Attachment 6 - AMSA FRAME presentation)

  • Survey sent to RCSs early this year highlighted the need for communication between AMSA and FRAME.
  • Catherine presented an overview of AMSA’s governance and policy areas with particular reference to rural and indigenous issues.
  • AMSA – FRAME: Peak representative body of medical students; leading body rural Australian Medical Educators; common objectives, advance progress through collaboration.
  • AMSA Secretariat is located in Canberra. Best way for this to work is for communication via the AMSA CEO, Helen Jentz. She will ensure that relevant new AMSA Executive members are introduced to groups like FRAME.

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FRAME issues

FRAME Leadership Course – Judi Walker and Jennene Greenhill

  • 4 day leadership course the week before the Broome Meeting 5 - 8 May. (Broome meeting is 9-10 May).
  • Based on Harvard and ASME Educational leadership courses targeting emerging rural academic leaders.
  • Anyone with a passion for educational leadership wanting to be involved welcome.

ACTION: Develop and circulate flyer and plan program (Judi Walker and Jennene Greenhill)