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FRAME ‘Vertical Integration’ Workshop

(Attachment 2 – FRAME Vertical Integration – ACRRM Rural Medical Generalism)

  • Meeting split into state/territory clusters with an aim to define vertical integration (VI) in rural medical education and training, shared understandings. What’s your RCS’s involvement in VI? What is required to make it work effectively in your region? What do you agree is the role of RCSs to make this work? What does this mean from a Commonwealth policy perspective?

Cluster groups:

  1. South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia (Lucie Walters)
  2. New South Wales (Joe McGirr)
  3. New South Wales (Jenny May)
  4. Northern Territory and Northern Queensland (Sarah Strasser)
  5. Southern Queensland (Geoff Nicholson)
  6. Victoria (Geoff Solarsh)

After the FRAME meeting, workshop leaders prepared a one page response based on discussion which formed the basis of the FRAME submission to the Review of Health Workforce Programs (Attachment 3).

FRAME Issues

FRAME/MSOD Survey – Lucie Walters

Lucie gave summary of FRAME- MSOD project to date (Attachment 4 FRAME Survey Report).

Discussion included:

  • 2011 data reports sent to participating RCS in July.
  • Go to FRAME website to find demographic data, collective data also available by email (deidentified).
  • Started collection of 2012 data with 420 paper surveys and 169 online invitations. Collecting data between 4 weeks before students finish their clinical rural experience to 12 weeks after clinical experience.
  • Annual data will be published after completion of cycle.
  • Working to streamline report. Keen to make sure data is available to everyone.
  • Need to be thinking about what we can find from 2011 data to start generating the questions for 2013 data. Use it as research tool, not just to meet parameters. Groups of students going through multitude of similar experiences.

FRAME Succession Planning Study – Lee Krahe

  • Phase 1 of study is complete. All contact details of previous Directors of RCS over past 10 years has been collected. All except 1 university participating.
  • Volunteers requested to work with Kee Krahe on phase 2 to determine survey questions.

Rural Clinical Academic Leadership – David Campbell and Judi Walker

David Campbell focussed on preparing rural clinical academics as leaders and the outcomes of workshops held in South Africa and Canada during 2012 (Attachment 5).

ACTION: South African Workshop Report to be posted on FRAME website.