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RCS Achievements

  • Each RCS provided their single most significant achievement:
-          Jonathan Newbery (University of Adelaide) – Working in an urban centric, traditional medical school, winning credibility with urban specialists & academics.
-          Amanda Barnard (ANU) – Development & implementation of robust & sustainable models of community-based vertically integrated education & training.
-          Barry Morphett (Deakin University) – Established a new medical school with $70m infrastructure; first graduates doing rural internships.
-          Jennene Greenhill (Flinders University) – 14 universities have imitated the PRCC which now has international recognition through publications & 5 ALTC grants.
-          Sarah Strasser (Flinders NT Remote Clinical School) – Establishment of the Northern Territory Medical Program & riding the waves.
-          Suzanne McKenzie (James Cook University) – 2005 – 2010 86% of graduates intend to practice outside of capital cities (compared with 32% others), 67% did internship outside of metro (compared to 17% of others).
-          Bill Adam (University of Melbourne) – Excellent teaching & learning educational outcomes & student support changing perceptions attracting students to RCS.
-          Judi Walker (Monash University) – Over 40% of total MBBS cohort now undertakes a minimum of 1 year longitudinal rural clinical placement in one of our RCS sites (all with excellent infrastructure) in a School (integrated RCTS/UDRH programs) which extends over 1000 km across rural Victoria.
-          Jenny May (University of Newcastle, joint medical program UoN and UNE) – Able to negotiate a rural medical school and department of rural health.
-          Joe McGirr (University of Notre Dame) – At this point, getting established and in particular, at Lithgow (a small GP run hospital without history of teaching students).
-          Geoff Nicholson (University of Queensland) – Over a decade, the total number of students completing ONE year at UQRCS has increased from 26 (in 2002) to 117 (in 2012) and in 2013 the number will be 137. The proportion completing two years has steadily increased to 31%. Evidence that attendance at UQRCS is a highly significant predictor of subsequent rural practice.
-          Tony Brown (University of Sydney) – We exist! 10 years ago there were 6 students – there are now 64 students across Dubbo & Orange with a waiting list desperately wanting to come and the good cycle of graduates supporting the program.
-          Timothy Skinner (University of Tasmania) – In 2013 the UTAS RCS was over-subscribed for first time, all intern places in our region filled by RCS students.
-          Geoff Riley (University of Western Australia) – Arguably our proudest achievement is that we are over-subscribed every year! But also Carrick Award in 2007 & Premier’s Award in 2008.
-          Jenny Akers (University of Western Sydney) – A wide variety of research activities & projects & strong commitment to Indigenous health.
-          David Garne (University of Wollongong) – 75% of students do a longitudinal rural experience, publications re longitudinal placements.