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DAY ONE: Thursday, 8 November

  • Judi Walker (Chair) welcomed delegates to the FRAME Meeting. 70 registrants from a 15 universities - each Rural Clinical School (17) with one exception was represented at this meeting.
  • Acknowledgement to Amanda Barnard & her team: Fiona Jorgenson, Bea Hogan & Val Collits.

Department of Health and Ageing

  • Judi Walker introduced Penny Shakespeare (First Assistant Secretary, Health Workforce Division). Lou Andreatta, Padmaja Jha; Michelle Hilliard from Workforce Distribution were also present.
  • Items discussed included:
-          the current Health Workforce review to respond to policy & reform issues in the context of the Health Workforce 2025 Report
-          Jennifer Mason has been appointed Independent Chair & has been attending round table meetings, with a draft report due to government before Christmas.
-          Previous reviews to be looked at in regards to effectiveness of current programs.   It was acknowledged that sometimes the timespan of achievements is longer than program itself. Findings of the review will feed into 2013 budget cycle.
Achievements Report
  • Jennene Greenhill, on behalf of working group as set up at Ballarat meeting, presented “FRAME: 10 years of achievement.” (Attachment 1).