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FRAME Research Project – Senior Academic Sustainability and Succession Planning (Judi Walker on behalf of Lee Krahe)

  • This project has been discussed with AHREN Board and agreed that FRAME take responsibility. Lee had expressed disappointment at lack of response to the request to each RCS for information to be used to disseminate a questionnaire.

Action: Lee to re-send email to each RCS Director with cc to relevant administrator

FRAME/ARHEN Academy Discussion Paper (David Pierce and Judi Walker)

  • ARHEN was taking responsibility for this project. The last time discussed was December, no further progress to date.

Rural Clinical Academic Locum Pilot (Daryl Pedler)

  • Monash to run a trial (as per distributed documentation). All material has been circulated, proposal for 12 month trial. Asking for information to be distribute to relevant staff. If no interest, may not proceed further.

Rural and Remote Health eJournal (Richard Murray)

  • The Journal has substantial authorship & readership (.98 Impact Factor and climbing), funded by contributions by various agencies, clinical schools, agencies. Subscriptions and development fund in need of goodwill and cooperation of more participants.

New Issues

Structure and Aims of FRAME (all)

  • Members reviewed the current FRAME ‘Aims’ noting that they had not been reviewed for several years and did not align with the new RCTS Parameters. Reference to Research, ‘Indigenous health’, vertical integration needed to be addressed.

Actions: Ruth Stewart, Geoff Riley, Daryl Pedler to rework Aims of FRAME (Daryl Pedler to convene) / Chair to bring options paper to end of year meeting re different structures for FRAME

Proposed Rural Clinical Academic Leadership Course (Judi Walker/Jennene Greenhill)

  • Collaboration between ASME and ANZHAPE are collaborating to have more active role in nurturing of early career leaders to address leadership shortages in health professional education and research. FRAME may be interested in participating. It was suggested targeting students and academic registrara, to capture skills, to start building the leadership that we need. Include pathway to assist in recruitment and retention in rural areas. Such a teaching and learning exercise may broaden FRAME network.

Action: Jennene Greenhill and Judi Walker to develop proposal for appropriate Leadership short course