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Caucus Session

FRAME Website (Dr Kumara Mendis - Attachment 3)

Dr Mendis is currently working on the new FRAME website. The attendees were asked for input with regards to the needs for the FRAME website.

  • Password protected/restricted access component is a possibility, but is it necessary? Access available to students, staff, anyone can “Google” FRAME.
  • It was asked that the main FRAME communication remains by email (i.e. not forums on website).
  • Website potentially a repository for common documents, i.e. include HWA docs, RCTS parameters etc. Uploading of documentation to be controlled by an administrator.
  • With regards to advertising – job ads, a possible revenue source.
  • Crucial for the website to remain up to date. Link to Rural Clinical Schools’ websites.
  • Suggested domain names: ruralmeded, FRAME not necessarily recognised to general public searching for rural health info.
  • It was suggested having a page to display successes, share information, showcasing RCS work. Each RCS could send two images that keep rotating, and when clicked will direct to the respective RCS webpage. Needs to be accessible and easy to use.

Actions: Dr Kumara Mendis to proceed to develop the new FRAME website and go live as soon as possible / FRAME Policy Group to oversee QA.


FRAME – Medical Schools Outcomes Database (MSOD) Survey Governance (Lucie Walters - Attachment 4)

  • The project to date had been led by Professor Dawn De Witt, University of Melbourne who has moved to Canada. The governance structure has been reviewed with the FRAME Survey Management Group now to be responsible for project ethics, data collection, data analysis, and reporting, form working parties for paper. RCSs would remain the owners of the data.
  • Timelines with regards to proposed activities was displayed.
  • The data can track when decisions were made and/or reported differently, without identification of the student. Entry and exit surveys compared, without identification (i.e. can search for specific students). Strength is to track, looking for trends de-identifying individuals. Awaiting funding application outcome, $6000 to purchase Granite software, for pilot.      
  • FRAME Survey currently paper-based, as it can be done in person when with students. Logistics to fill in a form, could be challenging, online or at a different time of year may be more successful.
  • Software can connect student data even if surveys are done a year apart. Need to look at impact of longer periods in RCS rather than shorter periods. Risk of doubling up and risk of losing some rich & relevant data. Students complete survey at end of RCS experience, so reporting on total of rural experience. It is necessary to know how long the student spent in rural area, i.e. 6 months, 18 months – results will be different.
  • Re tracking career paths, de-identified, looking into future, link into hospital data bases, ACCRA, health services.
  • Worthwhile looking into other linkage software (i.e. not just limited to Granite).
  • Each person within healthcare has their unique ID.
  • Response rate can be a barrier to accurate data. Reflective data may be more useful (i.e. six months after, instead of immediately after rural experience, when exam pressure could be a factor).      
  • Proposed 2012 Writing Workgroup for:

-          What is the impact of conscription on student experience and student career intent?

-          How does RCS experience impact on career intent (happy vs unhappy)?

-          Review of qualitative data (Survey includes asking best/worst parts of rural experience, a collection of results for interpretation, for publication).

  • Proposed 2013 research question areas were reviewed, suggestions to Lucie by end of May.

-          Longitudinal integrated placements vs traditional block placements

-          Impact of RCS experience on career intentions (undergraduate vs graduate entry)

-          Resilience and career intent – including a screening tool for resilience

-          Community engagement and career intent

  • Current contacts for ethics approval were displayed, please advise Pamela Stagg or Lucie if incorrect details listed.
  • Need to increase FRAME MSOD survey returns. Refer to Parameter 8.


FRAME Survey Management Group responsible for the Project

      Lee Krahe and Craig McLachlan from UNSW

      Tim Skinner from UTas

      Alison Koschel from UMelb RCS

      Lucie Walters and Pamela Stagg from Flinders University

Expressions of Interest in Writing Work Groups and ideas re research questions to Lucie by end of May

Each University to work on increasing percentage of survey returns