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General Practice

  • Placements increasing numbers and difficulty with coordination and capacity
  • Changes in State-level management of health presenting additional challenges to placement process
  • Clinical Placement Networks need to find ways to work in with them and reduce duplication of effort
  • Relationship with Regional Training Providers

-          Difficulty in providing places for students in competition with registrar training positions

-          Lack of Reg training positions in many areas graduates have to return to the cities and don’t come back again

-          some RTPs/RCSs have requirement that Practices can only take Registrars if they also have Med Students – this works well for ANU.

Capital Works / Retention Periods

-          issues with rural GPs not wanting to commit to extended retention periods (ie. greater than 5yrs) due to uncertainty re retirement plans/future business structure.

Compensation / Incentives

  • SGRHS now provide $$ payment plus bonus per student plus access to PIP
  • Difficulty with previous ‘hodgepodge’ of incentives provided some RCSs now have standardised financial incentives or capital works opportunities

Short Term Placements in NT

  • Elective placements in the Northern Territory are at capacity
  • Future placement requests must be for 6 weeks minimum
  • No pre-clinical students

Rural Health Clubs

  • NRHSN/RHW Australia now managing all clubs and funding of $12k per club is channelled through RHW
  • Rural Clinical Schools still expected to provide administrative support to their Rural Health Club
  • Financial support to be included in the 5% metro cap.

NZ CSP Placements

  • DoHA advised that we can all remove the NZ CSP students from our statistics relating to rural placements since they can’t count as rural but are deemed local just need to report on separately. Nb. Can remove them from both the numerator and denominator so that stats aren’t skewed

Risk Management (will complete this discussion via circulation or at next FRAME meeting)

  • Needlestick injuries management process/access to retrovirals/counselling?
  • Accommodation dispute resolution
  • Student travel measures to reduce driver fatigue/wildlife risk/excessive distances?

Accommodation Processes and Management

  • All Rural Clinical School operational staff who feel they have developed useful documentation and are happy to share, to email to for collation and distribution – including handbooks, accommodation agreements, Position Descriptions, risk management documentation.