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Celebration/Research (Jennene Greenhill)

  • 10 Year Achievements Report – to be launched in November.
  • Seminal FRAME publication.
  • Prospective FRAME Study – needs representation from each RCS (to become a working group).

Action: Jennene Greenhill to call for Expressions of Interest from each RCS to form a working group

Academic Partnership with ACRRM (Richard Murray)

  • This will be progressed with ACRRM. To develop an Agreement for Academic Partnerships with FRAME including joint selection process in final year of medical school, RCS to provide a supported mentoring guidance role, signed up and prepared for appropriate regional training provider – a vertical integration model for rural generalists.

Action: Richard Murray to communicate further, seeking formal expressions of interest

Formalising links with Specialist Medical Colleges (Richard Murray/Steve Tobin)

  • Steve Tobin spoke about liaison with the College of surgeons through its rural group.
  • There will be further engagement with CPMC.

Actions: Steve Tobin to report on progress at the November FRAME meeting / Richard Murray to follow up with CPMC re response to FRAME letter

Integrated Regional Clinical Networks (IRCN) and RCTS (Judi Walker)

  • Important for RCSs and SRHs RCS to be involved in the new HWA Integrated Regional Clinical Networks that have been established to varying degrees in all states and territories.
  • Potential to work as clusters of RCSs/SRHs to share experiences and liaise.

Action: Each RCS to report on progress at November FRAME meeting

Monash School of Rural Health 20th Anniversary Rural Health Curriculum Innovations Conference (10-12th December) (Judi Walker) – Attachment 5.

  • Flyer distributed. Last major event in a year of celebrations is the conference. Invitations will be sent to each RCS.

John Flynn Scholarships (Richard Murray)

  • Better communication required between FRAME and ACRRM. Agreed to identify one ‘liaison officer’ as representative of (all) RCSs to liaise with ACRRM.

Action: Ruth Stewart to liaise with ACRRM for reporting to FRAME Policy Group


Mark Yates acknowledged Judi Walker for chairing the meeting, also Maxine Trembath, Trudi Glisson, and particularly Alicia Eaton, and Sunjay Sharma for organising the meeting.