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Senior Academic Sustainability & Succession Planning

The 2011 October FRAME meeting held in Canberra saw Dawn DeWitt raise the notion of a developing a research project specifically addressing sustainability and succession planning for senior Rural Clinical School staff. Jennene Greenhill, Dawn DeWitt, Geoff Riley, David Campbell, Lee Krahe, Timothy Skinner and Judi Walker, volunteered to progress the project. Lucie Walters, Craig McLachlan and Kris Vine have also joined the team.

We are currently undertaking Phase 1 of the project which involves:

  • establishing a timeline for each Rural Clinical School
  • for each year since inception - identifying the Head of School
  • for each year since inception - identifying the Head of the individual campuses within each School
  • ascertaining the current contact details of the individuals named above.

To date, each current Head of School has been sent an email requesting this information. Shortly, a follow-up email will be sent to those who are yet to respond. Once the Phase 1 information has been provided by those RCS’s willing to participate, Phase 2 will commence. This will involve the research team developing a questionnaire and determining the methodology, perhaps immediately before or after the next FRAME meeting. Ethics approval will then be sought and Phase 3, data collection, commenced.