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Rural and Remote Health eJournal


At, the e-journal, Rural and Remote Health (RRH) is a not-for-profit, Open Access (free for both authors and readers), electronic, peer-reviewed academic publication. It aims to further rural and remote health education, research and practice; indeed, its primary focus is to provide an international knowledge base of peer-reviewed information to rural health practitioners (medical, nursing and allied health professionals and health workers), educators, researchers and policy-makers. The core business of the Journal is to:

  • Support rural health by disseminating rural health information in published peer-reviewed articles and other information.
  • Raise the profile of rural and remote health academics.

In recent years the Journal’s significant achievements include Medline and ISI listing (current impact factor is available on the journal site[J1] ). The Journal is an important vehicle for publication and sharing knowledge for experienced and early academic researchers in rural health in Australia and internationally. Its Open Access availability is essential for those without ready access to institutional library journal subscriptions. This commitment to accessibility for under-served populations is an important area of alignment with the interests of FRAME.


On behalf of FRAME, the James Cook University School of Medicine and Dentistry assumed the administration of RRH from the Australian Rural Health Education Network (ARHEN) in August 2010. The journal is funded by equal contributions from FRAME and ARHEN members, the Australian College for Rural and Remote Medicine, the Rural Health Education Foundation and the Canadian Rural Health Research Society. Although the Journal is a low-budget operation, to ensure its ongoing work and development, other funding opportunities are actively pursued.


Under JCU’s guidance, the Journal Management Committee (JMC) oversees the Journal’s governance. The JMC membership consists of Prof Paul Worley, Editor in Chief (EiC), and representative from FRAME, ARHEN, ACCRM, the Rural Health Education Foundation, a proxy for the CRHRS, the JCU journal project manager, and Chaired by Prof Richard Murray (Dean of the School of Medicine and Dentistry, JCU). The members of the Journal’s International Editorial Board (IEB) include the EiC, the Regional Editors (REs) and a statistical consultant. Each of the geographic regions (Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America) have Regional Editorial Panels which consist of regional specialists in the areas of rural health status, rural health policy, rural health education, rural health practice, and in the case of Australasia and North America, Indigenous and First Nations health. Details of current regional appointees are available at


The Journal staff of:

Part-time production editor ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or journal manager ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) can be contacted for further information or other enquiries.


 [J1]The changes year to year so no point adding an IF that will soon be out of date